Marshfield is home to a famous General Store owned by Steve Carell.


Welcome to Marshfield

Marshfield’s seaside living is, in many ways, still seasonal. There are increasing numbers of summer residents retiring to live there year-round. But Marshfield’s 9 beaches, (and there’s an ongoing argument that Humarock Beach is IN Marshfield even though it’s technically part of Scituate) are the reason the town’s population doubles from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Add in the Marshfield Fair in August, add day trippers who can find a way to park near Rexhame, Green Harbor, or Fieldston Beaches, and you have a very popular seaside town. Marshfield’s sandy beaches are some of the nicest on the South Shore. Green Harbor is a particularly popular beach for families, with a renowned lobster shack right up the street. Of the eight villages in Marshfield, 5 are along the coast. Marshfield’s schools are good, with a new High School and Middle School. Their popular after-school program at the Y gets raves from parents and kids.


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