Staging Your South Shore Home to Sell

You have decided the time has come to put your home on the market and have read the articles, watched enough HGTV, and gotten some advice to know that "Staging" can be the name of the game for a quick sale. Every week, I work with sellers who are curious about what they should do to optimize their home for selling it. I work with clients to not only declutter but bring furniture and accessories in to really set the stage. Here are 5 great simple ideas to consider when trying to make your home look its best:
  • ORGANIZE! There are lots of busy areas in a home - kitchen, playroom, etc. One great tip is to buy a large plastic bin and label it. When the time comes for a showing, clear each of these areas into the bin and neatly stack them in a storage area or basement. This way you can declutter easily and put things back where the belong after potential buyers have gone.
  • PAINT! A fresh coat of paint if one of the most cost effective ways to update an area and give it a cleaner look. It may take a little work to move furniture, etc. but it is proven to be one of the best return on investments when getting a home ready to sell.
  • BRING THE OUTSIDE IN! Embrace living near the water and bring some of it inside to really emphasize one of the main selling points of the home. Put simple starfish in the windows, a nautical welcome mat, organize a post beach area. etc. These small touches can make a big difference!
  • THINK ABOUT FIRST IMPRESSIONS! Wherever someone enters the home, make sure the area looks perfect! Also, take the time to get your yard in order or the building lobby in a condo building. Just like meeting people, first impressions matter!
  • DEPERSONALIZE! Staging is not necessarily about decorating - it is about creating an environment where potential buyers can envision themselves living. Take the time to neutralize your home and develop it into a space that people can see themselves moving right in!


Amy views guiding her clients as a true privilege, as she understands that buying or selling their homes is one of the most significant decisions they will make in their lifetime.


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