Hingham Architectural Treasures


One of the Best Parts About Living in the Hingham Is the Abundance of Gorgeous, Historically Rich Architecture to Be Enjoyed. Here Are a Few Must-see Architectural Treasures in Hingham Worthy of a Visit.

Named “the perfect New England village” by the New York Times, Hingham features a fair share of architectural magnificence including 3 fantastically distinctive properties:
  • Old Ship Church
According to The New York Times, Old Ship Church located in beautiful Hingham is "the oldest continuously worshiped-in church in North America and the only surviving example in this country of the English Gothic style of the 17th century.”
Built in 1861, this Hingham treasure derives its name its most distinctive feature, its Hammerbeam roof, a Gothic open timber construction made of great oak beams which resemble the inverted frame of a ship. 
Registered as a U.S. National Historic Landmark, the Old Ship Church still functions as a church today, hosting regular church services and a variety of community events. 
To find out more on how you can visit: 
Old Ship Church

  • The Old Ordinary
The Old Ordinary located at 21 Lincoln Street. 
Once a home which served as a rest stop for weary stagecoach travelers, the dwelling eventually turned into a tavern, becoming the town’s watering hole for 150 years and a place where Hingham locals could conduct business, discuss politics, and catch up on the latest news of the day. 
Now owned by the Hingham Historical Society, the property is comprised of the original 1688 structure, as well as additions dating from the 1740s and 1760s. The Old Ordinary’s rooms are a treasure trove of a bygone era featuring a rustic kitchen with its oversized fireplace and vast collection of period utensils and contraptions, upstairs bedchambers displaying hand-worked linens and authentic children’s toys.  
  • General Benjamin Lincoln House, 181 North Street.
A private home still in the Lincoln family, visitors and locals of Hingham can witness of piece of the South Shore’s history from a distance. 
Both the birthplace and principal residence of Continental Army Major General Benjamin Lincoln, the house dates back to the 1630s, making it one of the nation's oldest wood frame buildings still standing. 
As of 2009, the house remains in the hands of Lincoln family descendants and is not normally open to the public. 
  • Annual Hingham Historical House Tour
And be sure to catch the annual Hingham Historical Tour. One of the oldest and longest-running house tours in the country, it also remains the Historical Society’s biggest annual fund-raiser.
Explore modest capes to grand estates, and discover a rich network of families, trade, marriage, work and worship that for 400 years have made Hingham an iconic New England community.
For More info:
The Hingham historic house tour


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